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PATHWAYS for NeuroEducational Development


  • Neurodevelopmental Approach to Developmental Delays
    "A neurodevelopmentalist treats a child with developmental delays the same way that he treats any other child: find out where the child is functioning, find the specific causes of problems and design a specific stimulation and educational program to accelerate development to the next levels."
  • Sensory Play
    "It is repetitive, it often appears compulsive, and it can occur using any of the senses. Parents usually describe it as something that doesn't seem quite right. We seek to stop sensory play, not as an end in itself, but as part of an overall treatment plan, which includes addressing the underlying neurodevelopmental causes of the behavior."
  • Using A Reinforcement System
    "Neurodevelopmentalists have discovered that without an effective reinforcement system progress with auditory and visual sequential processing will be slow or non existent."
  • Learning Disabilities
    "The organ that you use to learn with is your brain; therefore, if learning is a problem it becomes necessary to take a look at the brain and how it is functioning in order to pinpoint possible problem areas."
  • ADD - A Neurodevelopmental Approach
    "By using the tools of scientifically validated brain plasticity and neurological organization achieved by neurodevelopmental programs, remediation and elimination of these symptoms that result in the diagnosis is possible."
  • Hearing, Learning and Listening
    The auditory system is profoundly important to our daily function. "Problems with hearing quality, auditory processing and dominance can result in problems attending, behavior and "psychological" problems, reading using phonics, following instructions, speech quality, stuttering and long-term memory."
  • Teaching Babies
    "By simply improving the environment of the child so that developmentally appropriate activities are available, little children can be physically and mentally excellent, avoiding errors that result in learning problems down the road."
  • Samonas Sound Therapy
    "Sonas and Samonas Sound Therapy are great tools to work on a variety of developmental problems associated with the auditory system."
  • Phonics vs Sight Reading
    "To insist on teaching a child phonics before they are developmentally ready is to set the child and parent up for a lot of frustration and laborious struggle. Focus instead on using your time and energy on expanding the child's auditory short-term memory."
  • God Gave Us Ears To Hear
    "Many parents are not concerned with a simple ear infection, but when they become chronic, they may set in motion a vicious cycle of events in the child's auditory/speech/learning modes."
  • An Approach to Remediation
    An overall picture of the Neurodevelopmental approach. "The very foundation of the neurodevelopmental approach is an understanding of the brain structure and capacity."
July 20th, 2024