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PATHWAYS for NeuroEducational Development

Who We Are

Our mission is to equip individuals with expertise and knowledge; to offer insight, encouragement and support as they strive to reach their fullest potential.

PATHWAYS for NeuroEducational Development provides a service to help people reach their intended potential - academically, socially, behaviorally and physically. Many children and adults in our society have received or will receive a label as a result of poor performance in one of these areas. Some may be placed on medication and given coping mechanisms in an attempt to help them function better in their world. Expectations may be lowered and potential not realized because people expect less from an individual who has been labeled. Labels only describe symptoms. What they don't do is identify the root causes of the problem.

Our office can evaluate an individual and design a program in order to help remediate those issues. PATHWAYS for NeuroEducational Development specialize in providing Individualized Developmental programs. We are affiliated with an International group of Neurodevelopmentalists (ICAN) that offers consulting services to families. Our company does not, nor are we licensed, to practice medicine. If medical or other licensed professional advice is needed the family is urged to consult a licensed physician or another licensed professional.

We truly desire to see our clients reach their intended potential. There are many Hidden Geniuses (in reference to "Hidden Genius" seminar) yet to be discovered!

July 20th, 2024