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PATHWAYS for NeuroEducational Development

The Neurodevelopmental Approach - Copyright 2005

Neurodevelopmentalists use an approach based upon perceiving the individual as an integrated whole in regards to human development, and the remediation of developmental, educational and neurological problems for the achievement of intended potential. Neurodevelopment looks at one of the main root causes, the Central Nervous System and more specifically the brain. An extensive evaluation of the tactile, visual, auditory, fine motor, language and gross motor channels enables the Neurodevelopmentalist to determine areas of inefficiency. These problem areas can prevent an individual from being able to succeed on an academic, social, physical and behavioral level. Lack of function is not perceived as a lack of potential. Once an evaluation is complete, an eclectic program that uses neurologically targeted methods, is then identified and developed.

The basic structure of the provided program activities is dictated by an appreciation of neural plasticity and the importance of organized specific input, which is provided with the necessary Frequency, Intensity and Duration. The individual (parent, aide…) is then given the necessary training and support to implement the program activities.

The Neurodevelopmental concept, which has been in existence for over six decades, has its origins in the United States. Individuals across the US, Canada and in many other countries have received the help needed to move them toward their intended potential.

May 19th, 2024