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PATHWAYS for NeuroEducational Development

Overview of the Process

PATHWAYS for NeuroEducational Development offers consulting services to families with children or adults who want to improve their current level of functioning.

Consulting services are based on four month time periods, or trimesters. Each trimester begins with an evaluation conducted by a Neurodevelopmentalist. This evaluation is based on Neurodevelopmental models developed by several outstanding researchers and organizations in the emerging science of Neurodevelopment. A home Neurodevelopmental and educational plan is specifically designed for the client based on the information gathered in the evaluation. The client or the client's family is trained in methods of program implementation. The family and consultant then maintain close communication for the four-month period to ensure that program is implemented properly and to help the family maintain their motivation.

The client's success on the program is based upon several factors. Ongoing communication and input between the Neurodevelopmentalist and the client or the client's family is important because, to be most effective, program needs to be implemented consistently and properly. It is our experience that program is implemented more consistently when the family is in close communication with consultant. Therefore, the family is urged to maintain regular communication with their Neurodevelopmentalist.

The Neurodevelopmentalists role is to provide evaluations, obtain programs, train families in the implementation of the program activities and provide ongoing support and expertise for our clients and their families. The family's role is to provide information on the client history and additional information as requested from time to time, receive training in program implementation, communicate frequently with their consultant, be consistent in implementing the program activities, and schedule revisit appointments each trimester. The family is urged to remain on program for at least one year in order to maintain the skills the client has learned on the program.

July 20th, 2024